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Proven Coaching Engagement Products

    -  Meet and Exceed Organizational Expectations

  • Close the gap between 1:1 personal coaching and the additional requirements of organizations so you can show up with confidence knowing how to meet the additional needs beyond the 1:1 coaching. The proven InPowered Coach Suite "License-to-Use" frameworks and document vaults have earned 100% Client-company Re-engagement and 100% Client Growth Assess rates for over 15 years. Build and grow your great business with Organizations without overwhelm or struggle even if you don't have a lot of experience. (Learn more in PRODUCTS)

Business Landing Strategies for this Market Segment: 

       - Discover what really works for Organizations

  • Discover the strategies and tools that really work to build and grow your business with Organizations with the FastTrack Business Building Program Series    1) 3-hour workshop "Build and Grow" recorded workshop! only $47  2) "Business Builder Program" - online, self-paced and includes the Quantum DARE Method 8-step process 3) Results NOW" - 8-week hands-on live experience supporting you to "jump in it to win it" to transform your relationship with your business building to what really works for this huge market segment. (Learn more in PROGRAMS) 

Mentoring and Coaching: Work With Me

    - Accelerate your success. Struggling is optional.. 

  • 1:1 and Group options for Mentoring and Coaching to support you to optimize your most powerful planfor success in this huge market segment. Get the support you need to skip the struggle leveraging my 30+ years on all sides of the Corporate Coaching table, honed over the past 15 years supporting more than 1,000 executives and leaders for over 10,000 ​coaching hours and 15 years supporting coaches to do this great work.  (Learn more in WORK WITH ME) 

Download my "5 Step" guide below ! Get the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing exactly how to build and grow with Organizations as you discover the keys to success in this huge market segment.


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Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, MGSCC



45 Years on all sides of the Corporate Coaching Table! 


15 Years Executive Coaching / Development Experience 

I launched my Executive, Leader and Team Development company in 2006 and have since supported more than 1,000 executives and leaders with over 10,000 hours of coaching.  My proprietary Coaching Engagement process has earned 100% Client-company Re-engagement and 100% Client Growth Assessed rates for over 15 years. I have supported coaches to use this process for their success since 2008. 


Fortune 200 Corporate Executive 30-years

My corporate experience includes leading groups as large as 5,000 and budgets as big as $8 billion in a male-dominated company and industry. As a "serial" executive, I led two key operating functions to break though levels of success as well as HR and Leadership Development. To this day, I remain the only woman to rise from entry level to the top of the house in it's 170-year history.  


A Legacy-based Approach to Success

I attribute all my success throughout 45-years on all sides of the Corporate Coaching table to three cornerstones of who I am and all I do. Everything I have learned, created and continue to learn, I share in my mentoring coaches and consultants through through my programs, products and hands on support for them to be InPowered® to live their great lives doing their greatest work. My "why" & my "how" are:   Love. Lead. Lift.  



Here's your chance to start at the top, not the bottom, of the success curve.

Thank you so much, Ann! I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate our work together!


You have given me the confidence, skills and resources I needed to believe in my ideas and bring them to the women I want to serve.


When we started working together, I never could have imagined that this is where I would be. I’ve never been more motivated, fulfilled and self-assured. I used to worry that I would never have enough opportunities or clients to grow my business to the level I wanted.


Now, my only worry is not having enough time to meet the limitless demand!


Groton, MA

After my formal coaching certification, Ann's 'Coaching for Corporate Framework and Document Vault' was the single best investment I've made in my 10-year coaching career.


It shaved YEARS off my learning curve and allowed me to walk in DAY ONE with a proven framework and methodology for "how I deliver coaching and leadership development" and to speak from authority and experience.


There is no other program that offers as much quality, depth, and value as Ann's "InPowered Corporate Coach" Framework.


The interview-based 360 Feedback approach included is one of the most thoughtful and insightful designs I have encountered for uncovering strengths and development areas and for delivering feedback in a positive and inspiring manner.


Los Angeles, CA

Ann Farrell has significantly had an overall profound impact on my reaching my goals and dreams in both business and life!


Without exception, her insight, knowledge, generosity, scope of all things A- Z corporate co is by far the best learning I have received to help grow my business.


There's no one like her for support and guidance on all areas from building your business initially to helping you SOAR and grow it!


Ann is in your corner all the way and if possible to be there more than 100%, she'd be in!


Tampa, FL


The 5 Simple Steps Build and Grow Your Business with Organizations

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  • The #1 Business Building Strategy

    Learn the success secret most of the Top 3% Coaches and Consultants know and do. 

  • 90 Needs Organizations Invest in Most

    Organizations expect you to know their pain and worry points. I give you their list here.  

  • Over 95% of Business is Won this Way

    The single most powerful strategy to land and expand business in this huge market. 

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