Industry data reflects only 3% of coaches make a living doing this work. Most who do, coach for organizations. 

I M A G I N E   T H E   P O S S I B I L I T Y

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Coaching Frameworks and Tools to meet Client Needs 

  • A proven approach to the most common engagement types organizations invest in the most to support their talent 


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  • Interview-based questions to support you and your client to learn what they need to know about their strengths, needs, derailers and blind spots to elevate the coaching engagement. 

  • Everything you need to manage the 360 Degree Feedback process including numerous sample reports, an executive summary and Growth Assessment Survey template. 

* Quantum 360® includes a Single User License to Use.

  • A proven 10-step framework for Leadership Coaching from the inside-out / InPowered to Empowered with the LEAP process to elevate the leadership effectiveness for talent at all levels. 

  • Proven engagement blending the corporate coach process with onboarding success practices and support from the Quantum Start© Successful Onboarding program. 

  • Quantum Start program contents and weekly content for the first 90-days. Powerful tool for landing coaching engagements and client support. Product access delivered during training.

* InPowered Onboarding Coach includes a Single User License to Use.

  • Proven engagement approaches and supporting facilitator guides to target the most common needs and opportunities for greater team effectiveness, health and high performance. 

  • Includes an overview of the ICF Team Coaching Competencies and application in these frameworks to support you as you best serve the needs of organizations in this powerful way.   

* InPowered Team Coach includes a Single User License to Use.


* InPowered Corporate Coach includes Single-user License to Use