About Me


I'm Ann Farrell


As the only woman in my Fortune 200 Company's 170-year history to rise from entry level to the top of the house, successful executive and entrepreneur, 

I support leaders, teams and organizations

- and the coaches, consultants and trainers

who seek to support them -

to be InPowered® to create their

"quantum endeavors..

living their great lives doing their greatest work".


Looking to build and grow your coaching, consulting or training business with Corporate and Organizations? 

 Start at the top of the success curve with my support..  



45 Years on all sides of the Corporate Coaching Table! 


15 Years Executive Coaching / Development Experience 

I launched my Executive, Leader and Team Development company in 2006 and have since supported more than 1,000 executives and leaders with over 10,000 hours of coaching.  My proprietary Coaching Engagement process has earned 100% Client-company Re-engagement and 100% Client Growth Assessed rates for over 15 years. I have supported coaches to use this process for their success since 2008. 


Fortune 200 Corporate Executive 30-years

My corporate experience includes leading groups as large as 5,000 and budgets as big as $8 billion in a male-dominated company and industry. As a "serial" executive, I led two key operating functions to break though levels of success as well as HR and Leadership Development. To this day, I remain the only woman to rise from entry level to the top of the house in it's 170-year history.  


A Legacy-based Approach to Success

I attribute all my success throughout 45-years on all sides of the Corporate Coaching table to three cornerstones of who I am and all I do. Everything I have learned, created and continue to learn, I share in my mentoring coaches and consultants through through my programs, products and hands on support for them to be InPowered® to live their great lives doing their greatest work. My "why" & my "how" are:   Love. Lead. Lift.  

Here's your chance to start at the top, not the bottom, of the success curve.